Media Mention: Personal Injury Attorney Lynwood Evans Scores Millions for Injured Client

NC Lawyers Weekly recently featured a significant $5.1 million settlement in a personal injury case handled by personal injury attorney Lynwood Evans.

The case involved a plaintiff who was injured in a motor vehicle collision in early 2021, resulting in a severe head injury. The plaintiff underwent months of treatment and rehabilitation, followed by outpatient care, to address ongoing challenges, as noted by the publication.

According to the publication, the plaintiff was injured in a car accident in early 2021, suffering a severe head injury. She underwent extensive inpatient treatment and rehabilitation, followed by outpatient care to address ongoing challenges. The case involved multiple insurance claims and liable parties, resulting in payments from six sources with various legal obligations.

After a lengthy legal process, the settlement was reached in late 2023. It required years of court proceedings, expert consultations, mediation, and financial planning, including establishing a trust for the plaintiff’s needs. The goal was to ensure the plaintiff’s well-being and provide necessary support for her future. You can read the settlement here, behind the NC Lawyers Weekly paywall

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