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Personal Injury Attorneys Taylor Rodney Marks and Jeremy Wilson to Speak at NCAJ Skills Academy

Wilmington, NC personal injury attorneys Taylor Rodney Marks and Jeremy Wilson

Personal injury attorneys Taylor Rodney Marks and Jeremy Wilson will be featured speakers at the North Carolina Advocates for Justice’s (“NCAJ”) Skills Academy on Friday, January 27.

“Winning Without Trial” is a one-day event designed for attorneys to discover how they can maximize agreements and achieve successful outcomes without a courtroom battle.

Taylor and Jeremy will provide valuable insight into crafting persuasive pleadings for optimal settlements.

Other sessions will tackle negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and motion practices. The program will conclude with a stimulating panel conversation that examines experiences of success and failure from the past.

NCAJ’s Skills Academy runs from 8:55 to 4:30 at 701 Corporate Center Drive, Suite 450, in Raleigh. If you cannot attend in person, you can register for the virtual option.

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