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We live in a world of technological marvels. Medical devices are engineered to fit inside our bodies to revive failing organs or replace worn out joints. Airbags and seatbelts in our cars react in an instant to protect us during accidents. Children’s toys can walk and talk.

But, increasingly, complex objects may have defects. And those defective products can sometimes cause serious harm — catastrophic personal injuries or even death. When that happens, a product’s manufacturer may be liable for damages because of negligence in designing or manufacturing that dangerous product.

If you or a family member has been harmed due to a defective product, you may be entitled to compensation.

Defective medical devices.The FDA has recalled dozens of medical devices in the last few years. Furthermore, some devices that are still being used today may carry the risk of serious complications and side effects. Implants, joint replacements and even instruments used during surgery can carry the risk of significant harm.

The laws surrounding product liability for medical devices are complex. If you believe you’ve been hurt due to a defective medical device, you should consult a personal injury attorney.

Defective children’s products and toys. Children are often too mentally or physically immature to understand and manage common risks. From swallowing parts that are too small to electrocution, head injury or traumatic brain injury (TBI), children are among the most vulnerable to poorly designed and badly manufactured products.

For a child, the effect of a serious injury can last a lifetime. Pain, reduced ability to do everyday tasks and the possibility of a life that will never be “normal” are all too common when children are involved.

You should expect that products you use, whether an everyday consumer product or a specialized medical device, have been designed and manufactured with safety in mind. Sadly, when this does not happen, dismemberment, paralysis, drowning and other severe, often deadly, consequences can result. Sometimes an “accidental death” is really a wrongful death.

Even a simple injury can have major impact on you or your family. You or a loved one might miss work. Medical bills might pile up. Stress, conflict and debt can accumulate. Even when it’s not your fault. Even when those injuries are caused by a defective product.

If this has happened to you or a loved one, get help. While it may not be possible to fully recover from the most serious injuries, you may be due compensation. Financial payments can take care of medical bills, make up for time lost from work and ease some of the stresses that come with serious injuries.

Personal injury attorneys on your side

Ward and Smith is a large, multi-disciplinary law firm. Our lawyers have the experience and resources to properly investigate your circumstances and help you understand your options.

Our attorneys take a team approach, so every case gets the individual attention it needs. And our lawyers are backed up by licensed paralegals, certified litigation technology specialists and other support staff.

Whether it’s a boat maker, a pool pump manufacturer, a toy company or some other business, the companies that design and make defective products will likely have their own lawyers and insurance, plus more money and resources than you.

What can you do? Hire an experienced personal injury lawyer to help balance the odds. Call Ward and Smith at (800) 998-1102 to talk to someone today.

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