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Other Accidents, Injuries + Wrongful Deaths

When someone else’s actions or negligence results in accidents, injuries or even death, you don’t have to “just accept it.”

A catastrophic personal injury or wrongful death can’t be reversed. But you and your family may be entitled to financial compensation to help you manage medical bills, disability, pain and suffering, and lost wages. To see if you might be entitled to compensation, call a lawyer to evaluate your case.

At Ward and Smith, our personal injury lawyers have handled hundreds of cases where our clients have suffered serious harm, including traumatic brain injury (TBI), other types of head injury and paralysis.

Our attorneys have handled cases involving firearm deaths, spring break accidents, dog bites and other animal attacks, and more. From industrial accidents at work to gunshot wounds on a hunting trip gone wrong, our legal team has investigated a wide variety of injury and death cases.

Many times, we’ve discovered — and juries have agreed — that an “accident” wasn’t that accidental after all.

Even when it doesn’t lead to death, a serious injury can have severe impacts on you and your family. Some people are temporarily or permanently disabled, limiting their ability to work. Accident victims often must contend with high medical bills for treatment of the initial injury, and sometimes for ongoing medical care.

Families may be left without their provider. An injured or disabled victim may require extensive care — sometimes a lifetime of care — from family and friends, putting even more pressure on them.

Financial compensation for these kinds of accidents and wrongful deaths can’t undo the harm. But it can help individuals and their families deal with the aftermath. Compensation can pay for medical bills, replace lost wages and help pay for extra caregivers to take the burden off family.

Experienced attorneys

Ward and Smith’s personal injury lawyers take a team approach to helping our clients. That means an attorney is always just a phone call away. And those attorneys are supported by licensed paralegals and certified litigation technology specialists.

Our lawyers have the resources to fully investigate your case. Sometimes that means calling in experts to determine whether a shotgun was designed or manufactured in a way that makes it defective, sometimes that means digging through stacks of records and talking to witnesses.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of a serious injury, call a Ward and Smith attorney. We may be able to help.

Other Wrongful Death and Injury Matter Representative Experience

Past results are no guarantee of future results. The summaries are not intended to indicate or guarantee that any of the same or similar results can be achieved in future matters; the outcome of a matter depends upon a number of factors. These summaries are intended only to provide general information about the experience of our attorneys. Summaries are drawn from 1992 through the present.

$3.7 Million Wrongful Death Verdict Against Shipyard Company

The 30-year-old employee of a towing company was killed at a shipyard. A shipyard employee was moving a large rudder from a ship with a crane using a wire rope. The wire rope was worn and snapped while the rudder was in the air, causing the rudder to fall and hit the pier the victim was standing on, thrusting him into a 55 gallon drum. He sustained multiple lacerations and blunt trauma, and was thrown into the water.

Other Accidents, Injuries + Wrongful Deaths

$1.65 Million Settlement for Death of Juvenile Inmate

A 17-year-old boy hung himself while left unmonitored in a municipal holding cell. He had been stopped by a local law enforcement officer and detained under suspicion of driving while intoxicated. The municipal officials failed to follow the protocol for the detention of minors. The case settled prior to lawsuit being filed for the sum of $1.65 million.

Other Accidents, Injuries + Wrongful Deaths

$537,000 Settlement for Gun Shot Victim’s Family

An 18-year-old was accidentally shot and killed by his best friend while hunting. The friend had leaned his gun against a tree. When he thought he saw a buck, he went for the gun and it discharged, striking the victim. The defendant argued the gun was defective and had discharged when he accidentally hit it, causing it to fall to the ground.

Other Accidents, Injuries + Wrongful Deaths

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